Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There are pictures

Soon at www.culturalalliance-york.org and now at www.susquehannaphoto.com/blog

And White Rose Cable has been playing their terrific coverage of the festival . . . and PCN will be running the ceremony soon.

How cool is that????

We're no longer a well kept artistic secret

To all who have followed our progress:

The Governor's Awards for the Arts offered York an extraordinary opportunity to shine its spotlight on the diverse creativity in our own community. At the same time, we joined the statewide effort led by the PA Council on the Arts, Cultural Alliance of York County, and Governor Edward G. and First Lady Judge Marjorie O. Rendell to celebrate the varied artistic achievement as represented by the six extraordinary honorees.

York's spirit of philanthropy has rarely been tested more than by the events planned for April 8, 2010. The "GAA" and all the supporting activities were a remarkable series of productions -- particularly since the local presence was produced entirely by volunteers. All of the planning and nearly all of the implementation for each event were the result of the thousands of hours of donated time, talent, and treasure. It is not possible to thank each person and business that helped to make York the Cultural Capitol of the Commonwealth. But please know, without your gifts, April 8 would have been just a lovely spring day. Thank you all so very, very much.

I am proud to say that York is no longer a well-kept artistic secret.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yikes! Tomorrow!!

The festival begins at 3:00 - the public lecture by Rocco Landesman begins at 4:00 - the SOLD OUT ceremony begins at 7:00 -- BUT, you can put your name on the waiting list -- you KNOW there will be No Shows -- call 846-1111 to get on the waiting list.